• Lymphatic Drainage Massage

    Duration(Min) : 50   Price : 669 AED

    The lymphatic system is responsible for the removal of harmful substances from the body, formed during the life of human activity. With worsening of the lymphatic system, waste products of vital activity accumulate, which leads to intoxication of the body. To stimulate the lymphatic system and improve the movement of fluid, a lymphatic drainage massage is needed, in which an active effect on the body along the lines of the lymph flow takes place. Due to its bright and quick effect of improving the appearance, it is widely used in cosmetology. It is recommended for: treatment of cellulite, getting rid of excess fatty deposits, reducing swelling, removing bags under the eyes, speeding up regeneration and eliminating skin flabbiness, reducing wrinkles, improving body contours, and treating varicose veins. No anti-cellulite program can do without a course of lymphatic procedures, the most effective of which is massage.