• Beauty peelings

    Duration(Min) : 40   Price : 549 AED

    The natural scrubs offered for this ritual will not leave anyone indifferent. Grape seeds, sea salt and ground coffee for deeper peeling. Soft aromas of mango peels, green tea, cocoa, pomegranate, aloe Vera and coconut will make your skin extraordinarily tender. The natural components that make up the body saturate the skin with vitamins and minerals, effectively remove the cornified layer of the epidermis, and the antioxidants contained in them neutraliz  the effect of free radicals, the main culprits of aging. Traditionally, the peeling program ends with a foam massage.


  • Royal Ottoman Foam Massage

    Duration(Min) : 60   Price : 579 AED

    Ottoman massage is performed in a hammam on a warm marble stone with the help of fragrant olive soap foam, giving incredible pleasure and complete relaxation. Fatigue, psychological exhaustion, all kinds of depression - all this will be gone after the first session. Even the most nervous, tired of problems a person will forget about all the troubles, will be able to relive the taste of life, its bright colors, will remember what a real pleasure is!

  • Luxury Moroccan Hammam

    Duration(Min) : 60   Price : 749 AED
    60 min
  • Gold Turkish Hammam

    Duration(Min) : 60   Price : 679 AED
    Special Gold Mask
  • SULTAN Luxury Moroccan hammam ( 4 Hand )

    Duration(Min) : 60   Price : 1498 AED Price : 1498 $  1291.42 €